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The Aircon is Broken Again!

Posted by zakala on Aug 15, 2009 in Band news

Another very hot session, but sadly not purely metaphorical as the rehearsal room aircon is being less than accommodating again.

Ken has some new technology (Pod X3 Live) and a new haircut which reminds Andy of a character from South Park. Sadly it’s Big Gay Al.

Trouble with the mixing desk delayed the start as does Ken’s inability to make the new tech work. After some cursing and frantic knob twiddling we get a sound and Ken promises to read the manual. The general concensus is that some time needs to be spent developing some tailored patches as the presets are just too over the top for live use.

We ran through the second half of our extensive song list and most tracks sounded pretty good, though more work is still needed on our rendition of “Just a Day”.

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New website developed

Posted by zakala on Aug 12, 2009 in Website News

As we’ve spent  a year or so concentrating on new material, recording and producing an album, it seemed only sensible to update our web presence. Consequently uncle Ken has been hard at work developing a new look website.

The bulk of the site design has been completed and we are busy migrating content.

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Andy N

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 20, 2004 in Fan Comments

One for Ken – with the recent spate of 80’s revivals, I think Nine While Nine should go back on the road!!!!!!

I think I might have located that dodgy drum machine.

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Looking for a new lead guitarist

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 4, 2004 in Band news

Ken has built his studio and we have started the long, painstaking recording process.
Jon has decided that he has to move to Vancouver precipitating hurried arrangement of last ever gig with the current line up. This also means that we are looking for a new lead guitarist to fill Jon’s ample shoes. Paper squashed in the end is acceptable.
Much wailing overheard at breaking news.

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on May 7, 2004 in Fan Comments

I saw you guys play at the Chainwire Club in Stourport on 24th April 2004.
A really good set. I was particularly pleased to hear ‘Gay Bar’ again
and the fantastic rendition of ‘Twisted (Everyday hurts a little more)’!
Hope to see you chaps again soon – Always a great night.
Lisa. x
PS. I like the way the website matches Neil’s T-Shirt… Nice touch!
PPS. Ken, Ken, you’re cool as a hen! (Oh, happy days.)

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