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What’s our name again?

Posted by admin on Sep 5, 2009 in Band news

Ken was early and spent the time creating some patches on his Pod X3. Richard was late, but already has his patches sorted since he uses stomp boxes.

There was discussion about whether the band name included the definite article (the) or not. The general opinion was that the band is called “Love Commandos” partly because it was taken from the lyric “the psychotronic love commandos”, but mainly because Neil dislikes band names with “The” in their name.

Musically both “Just a Day” and “Burn Baby, Burn” are coming along nicely and should be ready once we have the album ready for release.

There was also discussion about both engaging an agent to manage the gig side of things – since we are clearly useless at organising gigs – and arranging a publishing deal to promote our original songs.

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Jon's Departure

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 5, 2005 in Band news

Jon has now left for Canada. In spite of the rather large shoes that Jon wore, we have replaced him with a chap called Richard Price. Richard has added his biography info including some rather embarrassing photos. Richard has already been seen to move whilst playing the guitar. We didn’t think that it was possible to both move and play at the same time. Wonders may never cease.

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Richard's first appearance on stage as a fully fledged commando.

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 3, 2005 in Band news

Lawks a mussy. Once again Chalky has dragged us kicking and screaming from the apathetic haze surrounding our Friday night reveries to help him celebrate his birthday and by jove we will. This will also be Richard’s first appearance on stage (or probably more likely edge of room) as a fully fledged commando.

The Love Commandos have also been involved in a recording. Granted that it has nothing to do with their own material but is instead a charidee record to support the charity that Mr. Price is the treasurer of. The CD is a celebration of the nonsense work of Edward Lear. Just be thankful that it doesn’t include any of his limericks. More information available on the Histiocytosis Reasearch Trust site.

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Jon Attfield

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 6, 2004 in Fan Comments

Nice site overhaul, good to see Richard’s biography, though I must say he seems far too talented for you bunch of &quothacks&quot…. I wanted someone suitably talentless, to make me look good…..

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Anon E. Mouse

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Apr 8, 2004 in Fan Comments

Just reading your older posts and wondering if the lyrics to “Nina be my girlfriend” as suggested by Richard ‘TUFTY’ White, might have been about a certain ‘Nina, bury me in a Y shaped coffin’ from a certain small Worcestershire town on the Avon??.

You might think that but we couldn’t actually comment for fear of legal repercussions.

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