Songs crafted in the Halls of the Deafened in order to wage a sonic aural assault on the willing (oh yes, and the not so willing – we are, after all, an inclusive generator of rock music). Come, join the seduced and all hail those who are victorious as we take no prisoners, tell no lies and ride roughshod over the feeble plaintive cries to quieten down. Yeah. Believe it. This is the call to arms. Take a risk. Go Commandos!

The Love Commandos debut album “Siren” is now available. The CD can be purchased in the UK from this site using Paypal. The CD can be purchased in the USA and delivered worldwide from CDBaby (from which you can also buy the download version) and worldwide download sales will soon be available from iTunes and Amazon as well as other leading download sites.

A video and images of the recording sessions are available on the recording sessions page while the song lyrics can be found on our lyrics page.

To whet your appetite, here’s track 2, (This Is The Sound):

UK Only

Front cover image of "Siren" CD

Siren LCHQCD001

Siren LCHQCD001
UPC: 884502225426
Price: £5.00 + £1.25 shipping to UK mainland.

Worldwide and download versions available from the following retailers

Love Commandos: Siren

Also now available on iTunes (US link but also on the UK site) and as well as other good online retailers.