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Yet another previous band member makes contact

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Feb 10, 2005 in Band news

Nick May writes:

Hello from sunny Melbourne. Good to see you’re still going. When are you going to do a world tour? And no, five nights at the NEC doesn’t count.
Sponsorship for World Tour gladly accepted. Nice to hear from old band members. Any chance of a walrus photo?

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Jon Attfield

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 6, 2004 in Fan Comments

Nice site overhaul, good to see Richard’s biography, though I must say he seems far too talented for you bunch of &quothacks&quot…. I wanted someone suitably talentless, to make me look good…..

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on May 7, 2004 in Fan Comments

I saw you guys play at the Chainwire Club in Stourport on 24th April 2004.
A really good set. I was particularly pleased to hear ‘Gay Bar’ again
and the fantastic rendition of ‘Twisted (Everyday hurts a little more)’!
Hope to see you chaps again soon – Always a great night.
Lisa. x
PS. I like the way the website matches Neil’s T-Shirt… Nice touch!
PPS. Ken, Ken, you’re cool as a hen! (Oh, happy days.)

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Andy Norledge

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Apr 8, 2004 in Fan Comments

Where the hell did you dig those piccies up from? Nice one!!

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 28, 2001 in Fan Comments

You may just possibly be the only group in Britain to play a cover of the Stone Temple Pilots. Most other bands would go ‘huh? eh? what? they a bit like Pearl Jam?’ Nice gig at Harborne carnival, by the way – even if you did become more sweaty than even Matt from Cage (and that’s saying something…..)

Actually, I thought we were the only band to do Stone Temple Pilots covers until I saw an advert recently in Ritch Bitch Studios for a band that claimed to include their songs in the set. Shame.

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