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All quiet on the western front

Posted by zakala on Oct 22, 2009 in Band news

After our last rehersal on the 9th it’s been quiet at the Love Commandos HQ while Neil gads about the USA on a solo tour of Phoenix. Meanwhile the rest of us are soldiering on regardless, but not actually rehearsing.

Ken has found tab and lyrics for ‘Orange Crush’ by R.E.M. so that may make an appearence in the set at some point.

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Gig over.

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 15, 2005 in Gig news

Gig over. Love Commandos still physically capable of full tour of duty. Now hungry to continue with the full sonic attack. 99.9% need not apply.

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Yet another previous band member makes contact

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Feb 10, 2005 in Band news

Nick May writes:

Hello from sunny Melbourne. Good to see you’re still going. When are you going to do a world tour? And no, five nights at the NEC doesn’t count.
Sponsorship for World Tour gladly accepted. Nice to hear from old band members. Any chance of a walrus photo?

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Andrew Culture

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 26, 2002 in Fan Comments

Hey, sorry to crash your guestbook, but,,,

Immortal Alice | Junk Culture
Digbeth old Railway 2nd July

Should be a top night, it is the first proper night of the Immortal Alice/ Junk Culture uk tour all stops will be pulled out!

Immortal Alice are flying over from Boston for the tour dates. They have had three albums out in the states and will be recording tracks for their upcoming live album, so make some noise! Immortal Alice are a band not to miss, they have been tipped for very big things. They have been compared to the likes of NO FX, Operation Ivy and the Breeders.

Junk Culture are my band so I shan’t say too much, we have influences ranging from the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Stone Roses and even Iron Maiden!

The tour is to promote a split album between LoveJunk, Immortal Alice and Junk Culture, but as is the way with these things it won’t be coming out until after the tour, bah!

So, hope to see you all there. Come say hello, I’m the guy in Junk Culture wrestling with a bass!


Andrew Culture

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