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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jul 16, 2002 in Fan Comments

Wow – we’re so popular that OTHER bands advertise on our web page !!!? Not that we mind, but an invite to support would be nice :)) The demo is finished (raw is the word) and I’ll hack together some mp3s for the website. OMG they’ll be able to hear us!!!!

Hugs & Kisses

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First gig of 2001 confirmed

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Apr 29, 2001 in Band news

Ken has provided me with a preliminary mix of three of the demo songs. Jolly spiffing they are too.

First gig of 2001 confirmed – more details on gigs page.

Currently in the mid-800’s in terms of hits.

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Still not completed the demo

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Apr 1, 2001 in Band news

Still not completed the demo. Promise of before Christmas release. No agreement on which Christmas.

Potential name front runner – “Taken By Surprise.”

Guaranteed Christmas number one due to pre-sales alone claim by Lirp Aloof news agency.

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Want to remain anonymous

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Mar 30, 2001 in Fan Comments

I just can’t wait for the demo tape 😉

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A well received gig

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Nov 26, 2000 in Band news

The Love Commandos played a well received gig last night at the Hare & Hounds Pub in Kings Heath. Quite a good venue. It would also seem that people enjoy our original material as well. We must get back to producing that demo.

Broke through the 500 hits barrier recently.

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