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Siren review by Gary Hill

Posted by zakala on Nov 22, 2010 in Band news, Review

“Siren” has been reviewed by Gary Hill, music journalist and creator of Music Street Journal who said,

Siren, by the Love Commandos, presents a band with a unique sound and a lot of maturity. The music and musicianship are professional, and Love Commandos know how to write great songs and play them well.

Read the full review at:

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Farewell Richie Hayward

Posted by zakala on Aug 31, 2010 in Music news

The Love Commandos are saddened to note the passing of one of rocks finest, but often overlooked, drummers. Richie Hayward, founding member of Little Feat, gave forty years of service to rock music, pounding the skins for Robert Plant, Peter Frampton, John Cale and Bob Dylan amongst many others. Hayward died on 12th August 2010. More on this drumming legend can be found in his obituary in The Guardian Online. Richie Hayward, for forty years of rock drumming, the Love Commandos salute you!

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Welcome to our new fans

Posted by zakala on Aug 27, 2010 in Band news

We have had a recent increase in fans subscribing to the Love Commandos blog. Welcome to you all and we hope you’re enjoying the music. We are currently working on a new piece, though we aren’t entirely sure what direction it’s going in yet.

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Green (Fingered) Day

Posted by zakala on Feb 23, 2010 in Band news

Strangely this week’s rehearsal entered unusual territory for the Love Commandos – somehow the conversation turned to matters horticultural and sounded more like Gardeners’ World than loud rock music.
Luckily we exhausted our knowledge of gardening pretty quickly (Ken’s idea of gardening is to lay astro turf) and we got back to playing loud rock music.
The new covers are coming along nicely and we also ran through another bunch of tracks we haven’t played for a while. There was also some suggestion that we should, perhaps, attempt “Fat-bottomed Girls” by Queen as it is both a timeless classic and probably the only Queen song that doesn’t mandate the immense vocal range of Freddie Mercury.
We are still awaiting news of the CD production, but hopefully it won’t be much longer…

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Matilda G.

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 26, 2000 in Fan Comments

I remember Pipkins. I’m not sure who should be who though. How about some mp3’s or wav’s of your music – you look like a cool band, but it would be nice to hear you! Great idea. MP3s coming as soon as we can. Probably sometime next year due to the number of lazy perfectionists in the band.

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