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Gig – 31/5/10 @ Subside

Posted by zakala on May 17, 2010 in Band news, Gig news

We are please to announce the Love Commandos next gig at Subside on Monday 31st May 2010. Come and join us as we play Birmingham’s best rock bar for the first gig to celebrate the launch of our new album Siren.

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This is it!

Posted by zakala on Aug 23, 2009 in Website News

The new website is now up and running with a new landing page, design and several years of our old content migrated by hand by our team of experienced web designers (aka Ken).
We hope you enjoy the new “Love Commandos Experience”. Now all we have to do is wrap up the album and get out and play some loud rock music at gigs!

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Gig over.

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 15, 2005 in Gig news

Gig over. Love Commandos still physically capable of full tour of duty. Now hungry to continue with the full sonic attack. 99.9% need not apply.

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last Love Commandos Mark 3 gig

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 5, 2004 in Gig news

Added info on the last Love Commandos Mark 3 gig to the gigs page, complete with photographical evidence supplied by Andy Thorpe and Helen Wright.

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Anorakula added as support

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 23, 2004 in Gig news

Anorakula added as support for last ever mark 3 line up gig. Check out their website for the lowdown on the showdown.

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