Highly reflective of a band that doesn’t take itself too serriously yet can still pack an enjoyable punch

“Siren” review by Pete Angell in Black Velvet (issue 67)

Siren is a well-written album that deserves wider attention from the modern rock audience, critics and press. These guys can rock and they aren’t afraid to lay it on the line when they have to, both musically and lyrically.

“Siren” review by Matthew Warnock

Think the Misfits coupled with some of the best blazing-guitar-screaming rock you’ve ever heard.

“Siren” review by Rhonda Readence

The guitar work isn’t flashy or overdone, and the dirty, distorted guitar solo just runs slowly up a tonal scale and then stays in a limited range, pulling every last drop of sweat from bent notes.

“Siren” review by Ian Wise

Siren, by the Love Commandos, presents a band with a unique sound and a lot of maturity. The music and musicianship are professional, and Love Commandos know how to write great songs and play them well.

“Siren” review by Gary Hill

Love Commandos will blast straight forward 90’s rock and post grunge through your inner ear, all enhanced by riff laden rock tunes.

“Siren” review by

Catchy riffs and infectious bass lines are complimented by virtuoso guitar solos and keyboards are sympathetically used to add that little extra zing.

“Siren” review by Midlands Rocks


The Painter’s Radio Show on Xstream East Radio, 14th & 17th October 2010 [Barrel of a Gun]
DJ Beerman show on TopRockRadio, 3rd October 2010 [Barrel of a Gun, Respiration & (This is the Sound)]
Paul Baker’s Soundscapes on ARfm, 26th September 2010 [Babylon]

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