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Druidspear – Long Time Ago

Posted by zakala on Feb 7, 2011 in Music news

In advance of the release of the album “The Return of the Broken Sorcerer” Druidspear have released a video for the track “Long Time Ago”. The video is available to view on YouTube

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Now with added audio…

Posted by zakala on Mar 24, 2010 in Band news

We now have a sample track (This Is The Sound) on the Siren page along with a PayPal checkout to enable you to purchase our CD directly from this site.

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Colin Anderson

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Apr 16, 2001 in Fan Comments

I was just reading my earlier comment about your unfavourable mention of the Aori track ‘Owlbear’. I just wanted to say I’ve recently unearthed a copy of it and your description is 100% correct.

Please add ‘The Necromancer’ by Rush to your set list.

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Freebie weekend in South Africa?

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Feb 6, 2001 in Band news

Basic track laid down for “Respiration” even although Jon had decided that a freebie weekend in South Africa was more important than turning up.

Opportunity to play a festival in the Summer is currently being mooted.

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The Love Commandos in the studio

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jan 28, 2001 in Band news

The Love Commandos are currently in the studio recording their first mini album:

  • “Redline” and “Into Dust” are currently 75% complete.
  • “Respiration” should have its guide track laid down this Friday even if the lyrics are still somewhat elusive.
  • “Emotional Downtime” will need to have its guide track re-recorded due to previous over-enthusiasm

Logo design discussed and initial idea agreed upon.

Current quest for a name for the mini album not 100% successful. Suggestions welcome.

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