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Scoobs & Brian

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 5, 2001 in Fan Comments

Top performance again at the Golden Lion last night, looking forward to seeing you guys again soon (early/mid November?). Requests from the Cage diehard included; anything by Alice In Chains, Inside by Stiltskin or Black by Pearl Jam. Loved the opening of Buffy, but could you please remember to invite Sarah Michelle Gellar to the next gig to fulfil my fantasy (no, dressing Ken up will not do!).

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 26, 2001 in Fan Comments

Good to see you guys in Harborne, great set (but I missed the first 5 mins). The set list that you left on the stage listed the Buffy theme as an opener, excellent!
Looking forward to the Golden Lion on August 4th (I guess that’s confirmed as you announced it).

CU soon,

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New song under development

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 3, 2001 in Band news

New song under development tentatively titled “American Teenage TV Sitcom Song”

First gig of 2001 completed with merriment provided for all attendees. Set list available from link on gigs page.

Whilst on the subject of gigs, new date confirmed for the Harborne Festival on Sunday June 24th. The Love Commandos will be sharing a truck at the Green Man end of Harborne High Street with a number of other bands including Cage and Druidspear amongst others. The Love Commandos will be performing a half hour set some time between 11:00 and 17:00.

Andy produced some fliers for Golden Lion gig. Not bad either. His design degree is not going to waste.

Discussion started as to whether to release current unfinished demos as MP3s. Watch this space.

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Matt King

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 16, 2000 in Fan Comments

After seeing your reply I had a chat with Cage at a rehearsal. Cage would love to do a double header with you guys in the New Year, drop me a line or e-mail and we’ll get it sorted.Sounds great! I will be in touch.

P.S. Cage are playing on Boxing Day at the Nag’s Head, Henley-in-Arden, & on New Year’s eve at the The Golden Lion, Solihull ƕ pounds admission, normal price beer!)

bye, Matt ‘Scooby’ King

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