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Gerry Rafferty has left the building

Posted by zakala on Jan 7, 2011 in Music news

The Love Commandos are saddened to note the passing of a Scottish songwriting genius. Gerry Rafferty, who died earlier this week after a long illness, was probably best known for writing and singing “Baker Street”, though his earlier work with Joe Egan in Stealers Wheel, included hits such as “Stuck in the Middle with You”. Know primarily for it’s emotive saxophone solo, played by Raphael Ravenscroft, “Baker Street”, which was recorded in 1978 and features on Raffery’s album “City to City”, is still regularly played on radio stations around the world.
Gerry Rafferty, the Love Commandos salute you!

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The Aircon is Broken Again!

Posted by zakala on Aug 15, 2009 in Band news

Another very hot session, but sadly not purely metaphorical as the rehearsal room aircon is being less than accommodating again.

Ken has some new technology (Pod X3 Live) and a new haircut which reminds Andy of a character from South Park. Sadly it’s Big Gay Al.

Trouble with the mixing desk delayed the start as does Ken’s inability to make the new tech work. After some cursing and frantic knob twiddling we get a sound and Ken promises to read the manual. The general concensus is that some time needs to be spent developing some tailored patches as the presets are just too over the top for live use.

We ran through the second half of our extensive song list and most tracks sounded pretty good, though more work is still needed on our rendition of “Just a Day”.

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 11, 2003 in Fan Comments

I found your website because I was looking for something else. I will probably never see you perform, talk to you, or meet you, because I live about as far away from you as you can get. But I was scanning through in search of my original topic and felt compelled to write after I saw all your self-deprecating comments about your song lyrics. Okay, maybe i haven’t heard the songs, and hell, maybe they DO suck! 🙂 But frankly I liked a lot of the lyrics and felt more to feed on there than I have in most of the mainstream stuff that is usually la-la-la-la’ing on the radio. So I think you should post the lyrics and let them be. I mean, if you are going to post them at all, don’t bloody apologize. Just let your audience make the decision. And believe me, someone will find something in there to move them. And if they find something in there that has meaning, and then you insult your own work, it pretty much insults the person absorbing it too. So, good luck, good work, (Westley…I’ll most likely kill you in the morning :)…you’re in a band – understand you’re a part of the only real religious experience most Westerners have these days, and behave with respect for the gift you have.

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Ken's Hair

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 22, 2000 in Band news

Ken’s Hair.

Started work on “Rock Is Dead” by Marilyn Manson. Should be a stormer if initial indications are to be believed.

“Suck My Cow Pat” coming along very nicely indeed

Rob suggested playing the whole of “Misplaced Childhood” by Marillion. Jon said that he would prefer Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick”. Neil said that he was game for either but that we would have to pull in a whole different audience. At least you can’t say that we are not ambitious.

First search engine to respond to listing request. See and search for “Love Commandos” .

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