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Midlands Rocks

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 1, 2010 in Album news

Well, the first review is in and available over on the Midlands Rocks website. Follow the link to see what they thought.—sirens

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 11, 2004 in Fan Comments

I stumbled across your site from a link on another site and just want to say
I like it, it’s really cool!
It would be great to come and see you play sometime im in the midlands so it’s not too far to get to places.
Checkout this band they rock! 1 of the UK’s finest acts:

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jul 13, 2001 in Fan Comments

Cage now have a Fanclub through Yahoo clubs please make link to we have already made a link going the other way.

CU on the 4th August at about 7pm-7:30pm

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Second gig of 2001 completed

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 11, 2001 in Band news

Me and the Ghost Of You almost ready to be aired live.

Second gig of 2001 completed. Photos and details available from link on gigs page.

Number of website hits in the high 900’s.

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Matt King – Cage

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 20, 2000 in Fan Comments

Cage now have a website! Not as professional as your’s but when it comes to computing I’m a rank amateur! We have put in a link to your site from ours, perhaps you could reciprocate, cheers.Link added to home page.

P.S. Jen says “Hello, Ken, Ken, Cool as a hen! Have you seen Jim, Jim, hair like a qu.. recently?”

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