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Jon Attfield

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 6, 2004 in Fan Comments

Nice site overhaul, good to see Richard’s biography, though I must say he seems far too talented for you bunch of &quothacks&quot…. I wanted someone suitably talentless, to make me look good…..

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 9, 2004 in Fan Comments

Oh no, not the dodgy drum machine! Geez. Do we know what happened to Dave the Bass player?

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 1, 2004 in Fan Comments

Hi chaps, I thought it was about time I sent a reply to the kind words you left on the Anorakula message board. Thanks everso having us as your support act last Wednesday , it was a blast. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole of your set (I think I might have sneaked out without being noticed), but what I heard was excellent. Good luck in finding a new guitarist. Andy, expect a call.

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give you one guess

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 24, 2004 in Fan Comments

Dude, update the original material section, breed and barrel of a gun are deffinitely finished, but wtf is needle? think we all need a refresher on that one.

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Andy N

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 20, 2004 in Fan Comments

One for Ken – with the recent spate of 80’s revivals, I think Nine While Nine should go back on the road!!!!!!

I think I might have located that dodgy drum machine.

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