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Another week off

Posted by zakala on Sep 24, 2009 in Band news

OK my fault this time – I went on holiday by mistake. OK, it wasn’t entirely “Withnail & I”, it didn’t rain, the cottage had heating and Uncle Monty didn’t show up.

However, I did notice a lack of posts in my absence. I should mention that at the last jam session we finally got around to working on “Sharpen Up the Knives” and once we remembered what we were supposed to be doing it sounded pretty good.

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Jon Attfield

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 6, 2004 in Fan Comments

Nice site overhaul, good to see Richard’s biography, though I must say he seems far too talented for you bunch of &quothacks&quot…. I wanted someone suitably talentless, to make me look good…..

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Andy Pandy the Mad drumming fool

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 22, 2002 in Fan Comments

Ello, peeps.
Just wasting my lunch hour at work looking for cr*p on the net.
Can we add a link to the Harpies web site?
They do rock, and they are very good, if you like heavy industrial noise metal.
By the way, I’ve been told off for pulling faces on stage (or was that feces(sic)?)
I’ve been told I must be more &quotserious and cool&quot.
I still reserve the right to extract the urine at every possible moment however 🙂

Anyway, we may not have won our battle of the bands round last night at the Hibernian, but hell it was fun, and good to only play for 20 mins so I wasn’t completely knackered 🙂

Next gig on the way, I will try and organise something for end of september/beggining(sic) October.
which I’ll probably have to cancel so I can move house.
Anyway, more gig news when I have it, hope to see more of our hard-core fans at the next one 😉

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jul 16, 2002 in Fan Comments

Wow – we’re so popular that OTHER bands advertise on our web page !!!? Not that we mind, but an invite to support would be nice :)) The demo is finished (raw is the word) and I’ll hack together some mp3s for the website. OMG they’ll be able to hear us!!!!

Hugs & Kisses

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 19, 2000 in Fan Comments

Actually i’ve seen one of the Love Commandos perform 🙂 What an exceedingly handsome, talented lot you are!

love & light ***

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