The history of the Love Commandos is one filled with high adventure, timber shivering, swashbuckling, treasure hiding and exotic derring do. Or maybe I am getting them mixed up with pirates. Either way, they rock loud and hard and thankfully not naked. Founded within Birmingham, England they are destined to take their place amongst the great bands that have hailed from that region (except for maybe UB40). So, discard the ear plugs, turn the stereo up as high as it will go and really annoy your neighbours with the sounds of the Love Commandos – always glad to be the band that helps stoke local skirmishes. Take charge. Go Commandos!

The original line-up of Love Commandos was formed in 1992 to play a one-off gig in support of the Birmingham University rock band Twelfth House at a festival style gig on a farm in Oxfordshire. The band was so popular that it gained a life of it’s own. In various forms it has, with the exception of a brief hiatus, wowed audiences for over 17 years.


Concentrating more on original material in recent years the Love Commandos are proud to announce the release of their debut album “Siren”.

Band Member Biographies – Who Are These Chaps?

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Rob Bates : Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Not Standing Still

Ken Bearman : Bass, Backing Vocals, Vocals, Chicken Dance, Dresses

Neil Horsburgh : Vocals, Backing Vocals, Dancing

Andy Hubble : Drums, Speeding Up, Volume, Uncanny Resemblance

Richard Price : Guitars, Charriddee Projects

Previous Band Member Biographies (That Exist)

Jon Attfield : Guitars, Standing Still

Nick May : Drums, Inserting Drum Sticks Nasally