Andy Hubble

Biography of Andrew John Hubble – Drummer

All bow down and worship

All bow down and worship

These are the actual words of Andy. The webmaster, whilst entirely to blame for the format, accepts no responsibility for imagery contained within or any grammatical errors. For those that are interested – here is a link to piccies of Andy’s drum kit .

1988 to 1989 – Heavy Sosij

Alternative Garage music, based on live recordings of cheap samples and toilet humour. Remember when keyboards with sampling on-board became available for a low price? Well that sums up all of the Heavy Sosij music. Later developments including poetry, video and more evolved music created by sampling other people’s work. A fun band of 16 year olds experimenting.


Mathew Kitching
Stuart Ingleby
Phillip Glanville
Andrew Hubble
and other guests.

Most notable achievement – Feature length video of a dog’s anus. If this video is ever found, please destroy on sight.

1989 to 1990 – Pointy Finger

Alternative Garage music, but this time using instruments, based loosely on Tangerine Dream and John Fox. A development from Heavy Sosij, Pointy Finger was another experimental band producing music from whatever came to hand, instruments or furniture, pets or plumbing, there really seemed to be no need to make a distinction. Poetry and video played a major role in the creative process here also.


Edward Price – keyboard, flute, percussion, vocals, etc
Daniel Williams – keyboard, tranta, percussion, vocals, etc
Richard Sutton – keyboard, percussion, vocals, etc
Phillip Glanville – guitar, percussion, vocals, etc
Andrew Hubble – drums, percussion, vocals, etc
and other guests.

Most notable achievement – Recording “Dead Body” for “The Wheel” album, after coming second in a “Most original new talent” band contest. Lord only knows how or why, we were even entered by a friend who we couldn’t restrain. This led to my first live gig!

1990 to 1991 – Realms of Flame

Goth Rock (very Fields of the Nephilim). First serious band. A group of social misfits and degenerates. Lasting only a few months I was unceremoniously booted out for various reasons, one of which had to be that I wasn’t very good, in fact I stank, in retrospect I am surprised they put up with me as long as they did, but then you hadn’t met the rest of the band.


Neil – lead guitar
Rich – second guitar
Gep – bass
Dave? – vocals
Andy – drums.

Most notable achievement – First band to be chucked from.

1991 to 1992 – Formula X

New Wave, Punk, Alternative (Stiff Little Finger). First seriously gigging band. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, shame about the talent. Although the music was good and the reception growing by the gig, this was the first band I quit from. I quit because of “band differences” I just didn’t like the direction we had started moving in, more new wave and less punk.


Gordon – guitar
Andy (not me) – Bass
Rich – guitar
Rob? – vocals
Andy – drums.

Most notable achievement – First paid gig! Actually being paid to play music, wow!

1994 – Love Commandos (Mk 2)

70s & 80s Rock cover band. Joined for two gigs after working with a mutual friend. After a few rehearsals the second gig was a disaster, an L-shaped stage left us all listening to different members of the band and seemingly no one playing the same music. Plus the tragic intervention of a pitch shifter which Mike (boxing glove) Douglas seemed unable to avoid, put paid to any ideas of future gigs. [Webmaster Note – didn’t seem to have same problem with Catherine Zeta Jones.]


Neil Horsburgh – vocals
Rob Bates – keyboard, backing vocals, second guitar
Ken Bearman – bass
Mike Douglas – lead guitar
Andy Hubble – drums.

Most notable achievement – Worst gig ever played, first time ever glad to get off stage.

1994 to 1997 – Shun

Modern Alternative Rock. Bizarrely this grew from the disastrous one off of the Love Commandos (Mk 2), Ken Bearman dragged me and a few other refugees from justice into a small back room of a rehearsal studio, and announced we would all be starting a band together. Shun did a lot of original work, plus a plethora of covers dragged straight from the Love Commandos set. We held it all together well, but gigged rarely and infrequently, a tradition I’m proud to say I continue to this day, unfortunately this inevitably led to the “What exactly is the point” break up of the band.


Ken Bearman – vocals, second guitar
Dan – lead guitar
Jon Attfield – bass
Andy Hubble – drums.

Most notable achievement – Least gig per year ratio of any band ever. Possibly.

1998 to 2004 – Love Commandos (Mk 3)

2, 3, 4...

2, 3, 4...

Rock, Grunge Alternative. After Shun dissolved, there was a desire to gig, new material had been written, applause had been heard, and rotten fruit had not been thrown. To this end, the Love Commandos were reformed by trawling the depths for those long forgotten members. The final line up played 80’s & 90’s Rock covers expanding into grunge, alternative, indie and punk, with only mild resistance. The whole objective was to gig, to get out there and play. I think we played three gigs in our first two years together. But this is all set to change, with our own material in the pipeline and a new found enthusiasm, somewhere, we will play at least a gig a month, or two. And for aging rockers like us, that ain’t bad. [So what happened there then? – Ed]

Ken Bearman – bass, backing vocals
Jon Attfield – guitar
Rob Bates – keyboard, guitar, backing vocals
Neil Horsburgh – vocals
Andy Hubble – drums.

Most notable achievement – not dead yet?

2000 Tin Omen

Techno Industrial Grunge. Looking for an outlet for my more creative and aggressive side I began working on a solo stage show, finding advice on electronic music from some long time friends (Tin Omen) who at the time were using a drum machine. They asked me to join them, replacing their drum machine (victory to the human), laying down their drum lines. After working together for some months and performing live together, we all realised that I was changing their music from Techno Industrial to Techno Thrash. I still co-write their drum lines and percussion section, but they now take full artistic control and we’re all much happier for it.


Brian – guitar, backing tracks, vocals
Simon – keyboard, backing tracks
Kelly – vocals
Dan – sound engineer
Andy – drums.

Most notable achievement – First session work.

2004 to Present – Love Commandos (Mk 4)


Rob Bates – Keyboard, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ken Bearman – Bass, Backing Vocals
Neil Horsburgh – Vocals
Andy Hubble – Drums
Richard Price – Guitar