Harborne Carnival 2001

Playing second on a five band bill to a festival audience (cough) in the bright afternoon sunshine made a bit of a change for us. No smokey low lit rooms with people skulking at the back. No. Instead we had the opportunity for Andy to instruct the under 5s in the dual arts of sweating and swearing.

A surprising number of people stopped for a while and watched us when they could have been watching either the morris men or Irish country dancers further down the high street. I put the reason for them staying down to being dazzled by the sheer brightness of the pale blue legs on display (most certainly without licences).

As for poor Ken, he had to do a double stint again as the mighty Druidspear were effectively headlining later.

Here are some of the songs we played although I have lost my set list so it could well be wildly inaccurate.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme
Word Up
Richard III
Song 2
Into Dust (Take It All Away)
Does Your Mother Know
Basket Case
Self Esteem
Rearview Mirror