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The Pretender

Posted by zakala on Jan 23, 2010 in Band news

Just realised that I hadn’t posted anything about the last couple of weeks rehearsals. We’ve actually been quite busy running through material and even starting to learn yet another cover version. This time it’s the turn of the Foo Fighters to be given more of the Love Commandos makeover. After months of suggesting “The Pretender”, Andy finally listened to it again and realised he did like it after all.

After one week playing it over and over it’s starting to take shape, although getting all the parts in the right order and the right length will be a challenge. As will not singing the lyrics of Sesame Street’s “One of these things is not like the others” as the first line of the chorus. Honestly though, it does sound like that’s what he’s singing and if Dave Grohl writes lyrics the same way that our Neil does I bet that’s what it started out as!

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Love Commandos Mastered

Posted by zakala on Nov 30, 2009 in Band news

Andy, Rob and I went on a trip to deepest darkest Cambridgeshire last Wednesday to visit SRT to get “Siren” mastered. We arrived in time to get breakfast at the local cafe (for local people) though luckily the characters from The League of Gentlemen did not make an appearance.
In true Commando fashion the operation was completed with military precision and, bar some minor disagreements about sirens, everyone is happy. Once the art is finished the CDs will be ready to press.
Consequently most of Friday’s rehearsal was spent listening to and commenting on the mastered recordings, though we did bash out the odd tune.

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The Aircon is Broken Again!

Posted by zakala on Aug 15, 2009 in Band news

Another very hot session, but sadly not purely metaphorical as the rehearsal room aircon is being less than accommodating again.

Ken has some new technology (Pod X3 Live) and a new haircut which reminds Andy of a character from South Park. Sadly it’s Big Gay Al.

Trouble with the mixing desk delayed the start as does Ken’s inability to make the new tech work. After some cursing and frantic knob twiddling we get a sound and Ken promises to read the manual. The general concensus is that some time needs to be spent developing some tailored patches as the presets are just too over the top for live use.

We ran through the second half of our extensive song list and most tracks sounded pretty good, though more work is still needed on our rendition of “Just a Day”.

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 1, 2004 in Fan Comments

Hi chaps, I thought it was about time I sent a reply to the kind words you left on the Anorakula message board. Thanks everso having us as your support act last Wednesday , it was a blast. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole of your set (I think I might have sneaked out without being noticed), but what I heard was excellent. Good luck in finding a new guitarist. Andy, expect a call.

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Failed to win battle of the bands

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 29, 2002 in Band news

Failed to win battle of the bands. Due to complete lack of feedback from the organiser we have no idea what we need to improve on. Cheers mate.

Ken has started building his studio. The release of the Love Commandos album before 2040 is well on track.

The Love Commandos will not be playing Chalky’s birthday bash this year because Andy is off on a romantic weekend and not because Neil is off to Canada to see Rush. There. It is now in print. It must be true.

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