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Matt King – Cage

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 20, 2000 in Fan Comments

Cage now have a website! Not as professional as your’s but when it comes to computing I’m a rank amateur! We have put in a link to your site from ours, perhaps you could reciprocate, cheers.Link added to home page.

P.S. Jen says “Hello, Ken, Ken, Cool as a hen! Have you seen Jim, Jim, hair like a qu.. recently?”

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Andy had plum sauce in his beard

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 29, 2000 in Band news

Andy had plum sauce in his beard.

Invaded Jim’s shop again to record some basic tracks so we did. The basis of &quotRedline” and &quotInto Dust (Take It All Away)” were recorded.

Back in the rehearsal studio again next week to practice for Chalky’s bash.

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Suck My Cow Pat

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 8, 2000 in Band news

After having a week off, we all met in Jim’s shop where we proceeded to improve mightily on that week’s takings. Eventually heading upstairs ( to the cosy High Horse Studio), we started to write what will become our fifth original song. Not that we have either finished or learned the other four yet. Current title (courtesy of Master Hubble) is “Suck My Cow Pat” or something approximating that. Not sure where the punctuation should be.

It would also seem that our presence may be required at yet another gig. At this rate, we will be playing three before Christmas bringing this year’s grand total to seven I believe. Now that is what I call news.

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