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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 27, 2000 in Fan Comments

Look, you can’t just mention my hair and not tell them why! My public demands a full explanation! For those that care, I’ve had the locks hacked off to shoulder length and dyed the whole lot a subtle (well for me!) red. Hmmm… perhaps we could make my hair a feature, or even get some clever sort of Shockwave widget to apply different hair styles to us all. One for our programmers methinks…

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Ken's Hair

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 22, 2000 in Band news

Ken’s Hair.

Started work on “Rock Is Dead” by Marilyn Manson. Should be a stormer if initial indications are to be believed.

“Suck My Cow Pat” coming along very nicely indeed

Rob suggested playing the whole of “Misplaced Childhood” by Marillion. Jon said that he would prefer Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick”. Neil said that he was game for either but that we would have to pull in a whole different audience. At least you can’t say that we are not ambitious.

First search engine to respond to listing request. See and search for “Love Commandos” .

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The Phantom Pineapple

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 19, 2000 in Fan Comments

The hair! The flairs! You let those photos see the light of day? Brave, brave man.
::::::Falls over laughing::::::

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