Jon Attfield

Not the Biography of Jon Attfield – Guitar

Complete with hibernating weasal.

Complete with hibernating weasal.

Due to the lack of biography from young Mr Attfield, the following has mysteriously appeared in its place. I have allowed this to happen due to the fact that Jon was missing out on having his photo here. Moo ha ha.

1990 to 1994 – Grimethorpe Colliery Calypso Steel Thrash Silver Orchestra

Little is known of Jon in his pre Shun days. To further cloud affairs, little of what is actually known is printable. Suffice to say that it involves a heavy pay off, good pension, a lot of black faces and Jon playing with people who were ‘on the fiddle’. (Jon was on the cello).


Jon Attfield – Instrumentation of different types

Most notable achievement – Learned how to handle ‘ Miners ‘.

1994 to 1997 – Shun

Leaving any thoughts of Littlewoods catalogue modelling far behind, Jon joined Shun. To this day, Jon still has to deal with a large number of cards from female admirers who just want one more signed copy of page 324 – men’s baggy Y-fronts Summer 1987. (Best place to find a copy is probably under Lady Thatcher’s side of the bed).


Jon Attfield – rhythm guitar & bass guitar
Ken Bearman – vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar
Andy Hubble – drums.
Dan Rogers – lead guitar
Ben Holness and numerous others – bass guitar

Most notable achievement – Number one hit single “Fluff My Fufu Young Mighty Monkey (Ayia Napa Remix)”.

1998 to 2004 – Love Commandos (Mk 3)

Having already lost all credibility, Jon joined the Salvation Army. After being asked to leave on the grounds that he couldn’t tune his tambourine to G sharp as required for his role in “Blood & Fire – The Topless Musical”, Jon joined what he thought was a rival group – the Love Commandos. How wrong could one man be.


Jon Attfield – guitar
Rob Bates – keyboard, guitar, backing vocals
Ken Bearman – bass, backing vocals
Neil Horsburgh – vocals
Andy Hubble – drums.

Most notable achievement – Once moved forward while playing a guitar solo.