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Out in the Fields

Posted by zakala on Feb 7, 2011 in Music news

The Love Commandos are sad to note the sudden death of seminal rock and blues guitarist Gary Moore. Moore played with Skid Row and Thin Lizzy as well as having a successful solo career that produced twenty studio albums. Admired by other musicians, Moore was best known for his UK top ten hits “Out in the Fields” and “Parisienne Walkways”.
Gary Moore, the Love Commandos salute you!

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Looking for a new lead guitarist

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 4, 2004 in Band news

Ken has built his studio and we have started the long, painstaking recording process.
Jon has decided that he has to move to Vancouver precipitating hurried arrangement of last ever gig with the current line up. This also means that we are looking for a new lead guitarist to fill Jon’s ample shoes. Paper squashed in the end is acceptable.
Much wailing overheard at breaking news.

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Still alive

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 22, 2003 in Band news

Still alive. Still being a bunch of apathetic perfectionists.
Ken is still building his studio.
Neil fails to remember what on earth “Needle” was like.

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