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This page is used to pass on the latest news from Love Commandos HQ.


Jon's Departure

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 5, 2005 in Band news

Jon has now left for Canada. In spite of the rather large shoes that Jon wore, we have replaced him with a chap called Richard Price. Richard has added his biography info including some rather embarrassing photos. Richard has already been seen to move whilst playing the guitar. We didn’t think that it was possible to both move and play at the same time. Wonders may never cease.

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Looking for a new lead guitarist

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Aug 4, 2004 in Band news

Ken has built his studio and we have started the long, painstaking recording process.
Jon has decided that he has to move to Vancouver precipitating hurried arrangement of last ever gig with the current line up. This also means that we are looking for a new lead guitarist to fill Jon’s ample shoes. Paper squashed in the end is acceptable.
Much wailing overheard at breaking news.

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A belated Happy New Year!

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Feb 17, 2002 in Band news

Well, a belated Happy New Year to one and all from the command bunker.

Recent attempts have been made at rehearsals to record the raw, live sound of the LCs so as to at least produce the dodgiest of demo CDs. Only Ken knows how well or badly this is going.

Neil still gadding about so not much has been happening. Jon joining the list of people to blame for cancelled rehearsals. Neil no longer feels quite as lonely.

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Freebie weekend in South Africa?

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Feb 6, 2001 in Band news

Basic track laid down for “Respiration” even although Jon had decided that a freebie weekend in South Africa was more important than turning up.

Opportunity to play a festival in the Summer is currently being mooted.

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Ken's Hair

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Sep 22, 2000 in Band news

Ken’s Hair.

Started work on “Rock Is Dead” by Marilyn Manson. Should be a stormer if initial indications are to be believed.

“Suck My Cow Pat” coming along very nicely indeed

Rob suggested playing the whole of “Misplaced Childhood” by Marillion. Jon said that he would prefer Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick”. Neil said that he was game for either but that we would have to pull in a whole different audience. At least you can’t say that we are not ambitious.

First search engine to respond to listing request. See and search for “Love Commandos” .

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