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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 11, 2004 in Fan Comments

I stumbled across your site from a link on another site and just want to say
I like it, it’s really cool!
It would be great to come and see you play sometime im in the midlands so it’s not too far to get to places.
Checkout this band they rock! 1 of the UK’s finest acts:

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 23, 2003 in Fan Comments

Lyrics… Don’t put them down? Well, maybe Anon is right, there are some cracking good lines in there. But it’s all about the sound, not just the words, maybe if you guys got a few MP3’s on the site we could all have a listen, whether we’re next door or a hundred miles away, get on with it. 🙂 Can’t wait ’till 25th – should be a laugh.

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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Nov 4, 2000 in Fan Comments

Neil/Rob your web site is okay. I enjoyed reading the words of your songs especially the earlier songs. It seems to have certain innocence for me. (You will be laughing when you read this!!).
Lots of love and best wishes for your gigs.

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An unknown band member

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 23, 2000 in Fan Comments

I’m glad I looked at this site otherwise I would have turned up at The Junction Harborne for the next gig, and that would just have been WRONG!!!!!

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The Big Z

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 21, 2000 in Fan Comments

One of the new links on the site inspires the question…
“If The Love Commandos were in Pipkins, who would they be?”

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