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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Oct 23, 2003 in Fan Comments

Lyrics… Don’t put them down? Well, maybe Anon is right, there are some cracking good lines in there. But it’s all about the sound, not just the words, maybe if you guys got a few MP3’s on the site we could all have a listen, whether we’re next door or a hundred miles away, get on with it. 🙂 Can’t wait ’till 25th – should be a laugh.

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Matt King

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Dec 9, 2000 in Fan Comments

Do you know any more ABBA songs? The one you played at the Hare and Hounds went down well.
No we don’t. We try to only cover one song per band.

p.s. this is Matt King of Cage and Zodiac if you were wondering, remember us from Chalkies B’days. ‘Ken, Ken, Cool as a Hen’ certainly knows Zodiac, and probably wakes up in a cold sweat at night remembering doin engineering work at ANEW with us !!! (Don’t tell the taxman!!)
We should consider a gig together some time.

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