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Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 26, 2001 in Fan Comments

Good to see you guys in Harborne, great set (but I missed the first 5 mins). The set list that you left on the stage listed the Buffy theme as an opener, excellent!
Looking forward to the Golden Lion on August 4th (I guess that’s confirmed as you announced it).

CU soon,

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Death Spud

Posted by Neil Horsburgh on Jun 3, 2001 in Fan Comments

Wow, how do you guys do it, look at that Solihull set list I mean how do you play all those heavy tracks back to back!
Damn set list – Hate it!
Too fast too long too hot too much
Need water
Let me stop

And why no photo’s? Where are the photo’s, bring on the photo’s give me visual stimulation!
Ooops, gotta go, private accident.

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