UK last in Eurovision, again.

Posted by zakala on May 29, 2010 in Music news |

Yet again the UK came last in the Eurovision song contest. This time around the song was from the stable of Pete Waterman and Michael Stock and no doubt was considered a sure fire hit by the UK selection committee. Sadly, though well performed, it sounded typically Stock, Aitken and Waterman and the rest of Europe seemed to agree. We humbly submit that the Love Commandos could produce a suitably interesting tune for next year’s Eurovision and would love to have the chance to submit one.
Interestingly Ireland fared little better finishing only two places above the UK. One wonders how much better they could have done had they chosen the Ronan Keating penned track performed by Justin Lee Collins. If there is any justice he’ll be performing for the UK next year – assuming of course that the Love Commandos aren’t successful!

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