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Almost playing a last minute gig

Posted by zakala on Sep 15, 2000 in Band news

After almost playing a last minute gig we knuckled down to more serious pursuits like deciding how committed Andy was to the Wonderwoman theme song.   “Suck MyCow Pat” moved forward but still lacks any words whatsoever. The Masked Marauder turned himself in after overwhelming evidence as to his identity. No more shall he haunt the guest book with his music trivia challenges. He would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids. Much talk of who would be who in both the A-Team and Play School. Any other suggestions for TV series and who should be who gratefully received. We may even publish them. Table included below for both the A-Team and Play School.

Band Member A-Team Play School
Jon Attfield B.A. Baracus Big Ted
Rob Bates Hannibal Little Ted
Ken Bearman Amy Hamble
Neil Horsburgh Face Humpty
Andrew Hubble Howling Mad Murdoch Jemima

The rumoured December gig has been removed from the schedule.

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