Two fifths of the LC’s go wild for Tori

Posted by zakala on Sep 8, 2009 in Music news |

Well OK the Love Commandos involved were Neil and I and we actually just sat quietly and listened, but Tori Amos commands that kind of respect. She might not be the first female performer you think of when you hear the phrase “rock chick”, but she definitely is one; helped, as always, by bassist Jon Evans and drummer Matt Chamberlain.

She is also pretty cool under fire – the batteries, presumably, failed in her wireless, in-ear monitor pack. Not great for any performer, but pretty much a show stopper when you are playing a Bosendorfer with your left hand and a Hammond B-3 with your right whilst singing. The solution? A quick nod to Bassist & drummer to loop the verse while you substitute lyrics (that scan!) to tell the crew that you can’t hear and you need a replacement pack and continue to play & sing (a narrative no less) while a roadie changes the pack, which was discretely, but inaccessibly, hidden under her over dress.

Of course as Neil pointed out he’s never been able to hear anything on stage, and he carries on regardless anyway.

So here’s to you Tori Amos – you’re our honourary Love Commando of the Week.

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